• Q: Should I wait to let my generator cool down before adding fuel?

    A: Yes, it is always good for safety reasons.

  • Q: When should I check my oil and what type of oil?

    A: Before Starting & when engine is being refueled and check your engine manual for type of oil needed.

  • Q: Is it ok to run my generator in the rain?

    A: No, it needs some type of shelter from the elements, but it needs to be a minimum of three feet away from all sides with one opened end.

  • Q: Do I need to ground my generator before using?

    A: Yes. A grounding rod and Number 8 gauge wire is needed.

  • Q: Can I connect my generator into my service box or some other location in my house?

    A: No. You need a licensed electrician to set your generator up with a transfer box.

  • Q: What size generator do I need to get to run my house?

    A: That depends on how many items you need to run at once and what amps they pull.

  • Q: My generator was running fine, then it stopped producing any more electricity. What’s wrong?

    A: Your generator must have experienced an overload. Something may have started up and caused an overload. Reset your circuit breakers and check for what caused the sudden increase of power. If the problem still continues have a licensed electrician or Authorized Service Center check it out.

  • Q: Can I use an extension cord on my generator outlets?

    A: Yes. Use a good heavy gage cord such as 10 AWG or 12 AWG, no longer than one hundred feet.

  • Q: How long will my generator run on a full tank of gas?

    A: This depends on the engine size and gas tank size. Check your Owner's Manual for run time.

  • Q: What are the decibels on my generator?

    A: Most generators run between 69 DBL-79 DBL. Check your Owner’s Manual for DBL.